Avon catalog campaign 9 2023 view online


Page 3 is reserved for new perfume Avon has created especially for this year's Mother's Day: Absolute Parfum! Perfume is always sophisticated present, and your mother will love this one! It's enriched with aromas of orange, bergamot, and sensual woods, and it gives a note of elegance to every woman. It's made to be long-lasting, and to surround your mom with love!

You know those little things we need all the time, but we often don't find the right ones? Well, on page 9 you'll see Avon's special Mother's Day offer for these amazing products! Mini manicure set, travel set, wristlet for makeup – these are all necessities for every woman, so you can buy something for your mother, she'll be thrilled! 

We all hate it when hours pass, and our makeup just wears off... It's tiresome to apply all those layers again right? Now it’s over! Avon catalog campaign 9 2023 has Extra Lasting makeup collection on page 36! Concealer, foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow – all the products will last for hours, and you'll look stunning all day and night! 

On page 47 Avon has Anew brush for extra clean and refreshed face! Don't worry, it's suitable for sensitive skin as well, and it brushes off all imperfections. It gently removes impurities, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh! It comes with two brush heads, so you can enjoy it for a long time! After brushing, apply Anew cream, and enjoy your beautiful skin!

On page 50, meet Vadim: Avon's fine jewelry designer! Vadim's mastery has created Sterling Silver collection for our ladies, and each piece is made with much love! It's pure silver, and designs are simply gorgeous! As Vadim says, nothing brings magic to your life like the right piece of jewelry! Check out something for you, but also for your mom, it's a gift that lasts forever! 

✅ How long does Avon catalog 9 2023 last?

Avon catalog 9 lasts from April 26th, to May 5th, 2023

✅ How can I get Avon brochure 9 2023?

After registration you can order Avon brochures by mail. Moreover, you can view online version of Avon brochure 9 2023 on our website.

✅ What is the next campaign after Avon catalog campaign 9 2023?

Next campaign is Avon catalog 10 2023.