Avon catalog campaign 6 2024 view online


You’re probably tired of nail enamels that don’t last even a few days. And you constantly have to think about your nails, to do a manicure, and so on. Well, do you want nail enamel that can last up to 12 days? Of course you do, and Avon has it, on page 9! These nail enamels not only last much longer, but they also strengthen the nails! Perfect nails for perfect ladies!

On page 31 are Avon Nutra Effects hydration creams. Enriched with chia seeds, Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants, these creams will give your skin everything: hydration, glow, health, nutrition. Depending on your skin-type, any problem will be solved, just pick one!

If you want to eliminate first signs of aging, then open the page 34. Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance cream will regenerate your skin completely! It’s enriched with black pearl extract which retains moisture and prevents aging. Try it, and enjoy in fast results!

Avon’s exclusive Signature Collection is on page 44, and it offers low prices and high quality jewelry: necklaces with blue stones, drop earrings, bracelets, and many beautiful pieces; and for cherishing lovely memories, on page 46 you can see Cherished Memories jewelry collection with amazing jewelry with inscriptions! Take a look, maybe some memories come back to you…

And for those of you who always wear signature watches, Avon catalog campaign 6 2024 has a collection that will fascinate you! Starting with page 50, you can see stylish watches for any occasion: inspirational quote watches, animal print strap, m&m pattern, flower pattern, adorable polka dots in bright colors… Choose a watch that matches your style and your personality!

If you really love sale (and who doesn’t?), then just open page 82 and start your adventure with shockingly low prices! You can save up to 60%, and still buy products you love: needlework kit, toys for your children, bags, snickers and slippers, blouses, tops, jeans… Everything for you and your family. Save some money, and buy only the best!

✅ How long does Avon catalog 6 2024 last?

Avon catalog 6 lasts from March 13th, to March 26th, 2024

✅ How can I get Avon brochure 6 2024?

After registration you can order Avon brochures by mail. Moreover, you can view online version of Avon brochure 6 2024 on our website.

✅ What is the next campaign after Avon catalog campaign 6 2024?

Next campaign is Avon catalog 7 2024.