Avon catalog campaign 5 2024 view online


On page 4 take a look at True Color nourishing lipsticks! They can last for hours, they're infused with jojoba oil, vitamin E, collagen and lanolin. Your lips will look gorgeous, kiss-inviting, and you can pick your favorite color: nude, brown sugar, cherry blossom, ruby kiss… Try it on and you’ll see the beauty on your lips!

Have you ever heard of nail enamel that lasts for 12 days? Sounds unbelievable, but it's possible with True Colors! On page 10, you'll find nail enamel that lasts 12 days, and your manicure can really get pro! Besides, these lacquers improve your nail-health for up to 80%! Choose the color you like, and enjoy in long-lasting beautiful nails!

Page 17 of Avon catalog campaign 5 2024 has sets of Anew youth-awakening makeup! BB and CC creams will make you flawless, transforming foundations too, concealers… Anew is high quality brand for the best products for your face. Anew regulates your skin tone, has anti-age effects, and the results are faster than you think!

On page 47 jewelry that Avon catalog campaign 5 2024 has for you is staggering! You'll discover lucky charms with elephants, owls, dragonflies, these are all animals that are believed to be magical! They bring happiness, wisdom, courage, so you pick a bracelet that can bring you the magic you need!

On page 51 watches wait for you, if you need a watch to match your personality! You can get two watches for less than 50 dollars, so make sure this discount is used cleverly! Whenever you look to see the time, these watches will bring you good energy with different patterns: m'n'm, fancy shoes, animal print strap, floral design… whatever you prefer!

From page 56, Signature collection introduces new romantic trendy clothes for you this year! Lace printed dress is simply made for romantic walks, and when paired with flats and nice leggings it's a real jackpot! Style yourself this spring, and keep up the good spirit! 

✅ How long does Avon catalog 5 2024 last?

Avon catalog 5 lasts from February 28th, to March 12th, 2024

✅ How can I get Avon brochure 5 2024?

After registration you can order Avon brochures by mail. Moreover, you can view online version of Avon brochure 5 2024 on our website.

✅ What is the next campaign after Avon catalog campaign 5 2024?

Next campaign is Avon catalog 6 2024.