Avon Canada catalog campaign 5 2024 brochure online


Avon Canada brochure campaign 5 2024 presents new Go Matte makeup line! If you want to achieve real elegance, and look stunningly attractive, then try Go Matte lipsticks in your favorite color, and add Matte eyeshadows. This season, going matte is obligatory for every fashionable lady who cares about her whole style. These eyeshadows and lipsticks will last all day long, they’re weightless, and won’t disappoint you in the late night hours too. 

It’s time to really indulge in Avon’s makeup products, with the big Treat Yourself Sale! At extremely low prices, you can get brush sets, nail enamels, mascaras for the enormous volume of your eyelashes, Anew Age Transforming foundation – just perfect, since it beautifies the skin and makes it look younger at the same time! Lipsticks with collagen, eyeliners in all colors you can imagine, this and much more is at your disposal at the best prices! On the makeup counter, you can pick your makeup basics and have them cut-priced!

This great discount is reserved for perfumes too! For men: Black Suede, Alpha, Luck, and more woody brands for the emphasized manliness wait for him. And for the girls, there are of course Imari, Far Away, Instinct, Avon Luck, Night Magic, Sweet Honesty etc. Many of the sets include one free perfume for you, so take your chance with these fabulous fragrances!

For perfect skin care, Avon offers Anew face lifting creams that promise the results in the blink of an eye! Bring back the youth with Anew lines for fighting wrinkles and pores. Anew Clinical has a hydration mask that can moisturize your skin perfectly over night. Try this miraculous hydration boost, and you will feel the difference on your face immediately. Having our youth forever has never been easier! 

Avon always takes care of your style, and therefore, check out the fashion trends in this catalog. Opt for casual shirts, chic leather bags, curvy flatter jeans for your feminine figure, beautiful boho dresses in combination with comfortable but stylish sandals and a piece of jewelry. For comfy feeling in your house, Avon has also Slipper Sale: wear the best memory foam slippers, use this cute sale, and feel like you’re walking on the clouds!

Among other soft memory foam footwear, take a look at the Meditech diabetic socks: they’re made to keep your feet healthy, and they’re just perfect for sports. You can buy a pair for him too, at the special price. Then flip through the section for kitchen, because Avon offers amazing dishes for changing the routine of your cooking. You can certainly find very useful utensils, we always need something new in the kitchen.

Flower-scented body washes, body sprays, hand soaps, lotions and body oils are also here for you, in sets that will only save your money! Enjoy in refreshing bath, covered with scent of vanilla, orchid, cherry, lavender, pomegranate, and many more sweet fragrances! For the little extra time you save for yourself, there’s Avon Tranquil Moments collection. With this kind of tranquility, your peace is guaranteed. To add some more scent of harmony in your home, just spritz the Tranquil Moments Room Spray, and complete your tranquility experience!