Avon Canada catalog campaign 25 2023 brochure online


New Year is on the way, and new possibilities and goals are endless. But certainly the favorite part of the celebration is giving and receiving gifts! Small things can make us happy, and Avon is here to inspire you with fresh new ideas for presents. That Christmas tree should be surrounded by a pile of colorful boxes, so let’s give this brochure a detailed search! 

Children are always the most excited ones when New Year is about to come. Here, you can find many toys for them that will boost their imagination: dolls, firehouse trucks, musical blankets, plush toys, dancing robots, and so many other playthings for your little ones. If they make a list for Santa, you can be Santa’s Little Helper and find many gifts in this Avon Canada brochure 25 at discount prices! 

Earring sets and beautiful watches designed to remember of Christmas time also deserve your attention. Perfect as a gift for a friend, these cute jewelry gift sets are incredibly stylish. On the other hand, if you’re more of a house-type, then prepare a fabulous party, and equip yourself with kitchen sets that will beautify every dining table. Your guests will never forget plates that can hold glasses, or charming snowman ornaments. 

Avon Canada campaign 25 2023 thinks of you too! With every makeup purchase from pages 38-39, you will get a magnification mirror at a very low price! This is ideal when you’re doing your eye makeup, because this mirror enables you to be precise. While we’re at makeup, let’s not forget the Merry Makeup Sale Avon has prepared for you! You will save money, and get high quality long-lasting makeup for all-night-long parties! Your stunning look is guaranteed with True Color eyeshadows, shimmery nail polish, hydrating lipsticks in various seductive colors, mascaras for divine eyelashes, foundations for porcelain skin. Shine brightly in the night that is not to be forgotten! 

In Avon Scent Shop, discover new fragrances for you, or find a gift for the dearest people in your life. For every personality there’s signature scent: Rare Gold, Rare Pearls set, Night Magic, Instinct for her; and for him Musk Marine, Black Suede, Alpha etc. With every set, you get at least one perfume for free, so make the most of this special Avon sale! 

Winter brings us celebration, but it also comes with windy and cold weather. Therefore, our skin requires appropriate treatment in these conditions. With Avon Anew collection, your skin will be hydrated, your pores minimized, wrinkles will disappear, and skin will appear youthful again. For sensitive and young skin, there’s already known for eliminating any imperfections - Avon Clearskin. 

Knitwear, velvet tunics, glam heels, thermal socks for chilly winter days are also available, for the complete comfort. Supported with memory foam, jeweled slippers will keep your feet warm throughout the day. As a novelty, Avon introduces a special issue that offers the essentials for you and your pet! And don’t miss wonderful Avon Christmas home decor that includes snowflake pillow covers, fragrance candles and other beautiful ornaments! 

Before you start making your gift list, see Santa’s Picks in the last section of the Avon Canada brochure, for more suggestions for presents. Enjoy the holidays in the pleasant warmth of your loved ones, and shower them with gifts and love. After all, the more you give, the more you’ll receive.