Avon catalog campaign 4 2018 view online


The brochure opens with amazing Avon's Nutra Effects creams. On pages 3 and 4, choose the one that can nourish your skin type! These creams are made of completely safe and natural ingredients, and they're perfect for sensitive skin. They have active seed complex, where chia seed does miracles for any skin type. Enjoy in products of nature!

On page 8 you'll see a must-have for 2017: beautiful black heels, with zipper and adjustable laces! These will fit with dress, with jeans, with almost everything you want to wear. The heel is very comfortable, not very high, and you can walk confidently during the day, and of course, on a night out!

Page 20 will give you the idea for the makeup look: red lipstick and golden-brown eyeshadow are definitely a match! Lipstick has vitamin E, and eyeshadow is cream-gel formula that enables long lasting, so your makeup will stick on your face for hours. Be bold, and try this look right now!

Page 24 is offering new Avon Mascara, but not just any mascara! This is Mega Effects Mascara with Keratin! Keratin will make your eyelashes black and healthily long, and your eyes will get provocative! Use the special price, and seduce with your mega-lashes!

On page 42 Signature collection presents new jewelry line! If you want to cherish classy and elegant look, then Signature has the right thing for you! Colorful metals with large stones – this is a winning combination for every lady. Choose earrings, necklaces, and rings, and complete your style! 

Are you a watch lover? If you are, Avon catalog campaign 4 2017 offers the best for you: polka-dot watches on page 44! Accessorize any outfit with a nice watch, and you know you’re ready to go! Polka dots are always good idea, and they're unbelievably cute no matter how old you are! If you're not into dots, then choose silver or gold – Avon has everything!