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Each season of the year has its special little charms, but there is something about winter: wrapping yourself up in a blanket, sitting beside the fireplace, while the gardens are full of snow. Winter is nostalgic and romantic time of the year, and while enjoying in the joys of snowy scenery, your beauty and skin care should not be left out. 

Avon catalog campaign 1 2017 presents: A part of the obligatory equipment for winter season is certainly a pair of comfortable and cushy slippers. Very stylish slippers with memory foam, and scarves with interesting patterns are a must-have for every winter. Or, there’s the idea for a gift, if you’re still thinking about the best presents for friends and family. However, if you are lucky and can treat yourself with a travel for holidays, then check out the new vintage duffles and backpacks, enrich your trip with these beautiful, floral bags. Even when traveling, your style can be impeccable. Among many last minute gift ideas, there are perfumes at cut-prices, special winter collections of shower gels, body lotions, hand creams etc.  Avon brochure online.

We all know that the best parties are the ones welcoming the New Year, new decisions, even a new lifestyle maybe. So, on these glamorous occasions, choose the best makeup that go with your outfit, and shine brightly every minute! Avon catalog campaign 1 offers the best products for cocktail parties, various holiday gatherings and celebrations, where your look will surely be noticed! You can leave everybody breathless with glittery eyeshadows, mascaras that will emphasize your eyelashes, foundations for flawless skin, with lipsticks for amazingly smooth and inviting lips. There are also tools for manicure which can help you in doing a perfect nail polish at home. 

Avon fragrances will add a magnetic, seductive energy that will follow you all night long. Avon Attraction, Imari Seduction, Outspoken, and other outstanding brands are here for you, half-priced. For him, as a little surprise, you can buy perfumes from collections like Alpha, Perceive, Instinct, Musk, and he will be delighted with the macho notes that highlight his manliness. 

For excellent skin care, Avon catalog campaign 1 2017 offers creams, lotions, moisturizers studied by experts. Avon Skincare Institute has conducted many researches in order to produce the safest skin care treatments. Anew collection is designed to lift your skin and give you the protection and care your face needs. Likewise, Avon Clearskin products will help in getting rid of blackheads and blemishes. Avon brochure responsibly reminds us of breast cancer awareness; there is, as always, a number of products that enable you to participate in breast cancer fight by purchasing them. 

For every celebration, a nice piece of jewelry is essential! Find the best necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches that will match your outfit. A little bit of classy accessories can’t hurt. Besides, special holiday prices will blow you away!

Avon catalog campaign 1 2017 presents: When having one of those beautiful walks through the park covered in snow, you will need quality boots. This time, Avon has prepared comfortable footwear with memory foam support – Cushion Walk. You should also pay attention to soft sweaters, jackets, coats, and please yourself with some tunic with lace details. Or, just have a look at the amusing home decoration, or at the shocking prices for offered products at the end of the brochure - you’ll love it!

May the New Year bring you joy, peace, happiness, and… makeup! Let’s admit it ladies, that famous quote is so true: give a woman the right lipstick, and she can conquer the world!