Avon catalog campaign 24 2016 view online


Create your own candle scent with Avon! Yes, it’s possible! On the very first page of new catalog, Avon presents candle mixology: mix two scented candles and get one unique scent for your home. You can create up to 33 new scents, and have the amazing smell of mistletoe, or of a holiday cookie, all around you! Be creative, and have some fun while preparing your home for celebrations!

Move on to page 6, and discover winter magic! A wonderful wooden chest where Santa lives will give life to every living room. This is musical product, it plays the most delightful Christmas carols, so your children will definitely love it! Enjoy the music and the idyllic scenery!

On page 7, you’ll see silvery ornaments for your home that will bring the happiness! Choose angel wings ornaments, or angel ornament made of glass, for the joy in your house. Deck out your tree with colorful sets of most amazing ornaments, and make every holiday more special!

To treat yourself in 2016, open the page 9, and look at one makeup set that has everything you need! Avon True Color Artist Palette has it all: blushes, highlighters, lip glosses, and eyeshadows in various colors. You can try many holiday looks with just one palette like this! The set includes little mirror, and applicators, so you have all the basics too!

On page 71 you’ll notice jewelry with winter motifs. Earrings in the shape of penguins and snowmen, snowflake watch, 12 Days Until Christmas bracelet, bracelet with snowflakes – all these heartwarming pieces of jewelry at amazing prices just for you! When you put one of these on, you’ll feel the festive energy!

When cold days come, we’ll need a new piece of clothing to warm us, and to refresh our look. On page 83, Avon catalog 26 2016 has the solution: Faux-Fur Coat! Warm jacket, with big trendy collar, and faux fur will keep you warm and stylish. With a pair of Cushion Walk boots, you’ll look fabulous this winter!