Avon catalog campaign 19 2016 view online


Are you a lover of big, noticeable, chunky necklaces? Avon is the right place for you! Turn the page 4, and take a look at exquisite necklace that can make special every piece of clothing. Sometimes, you just need one unique necklace to completely transform your style. This season, you’ll be obsessed with these fashionable details! 

However, if you’re a watch-fan, then on page 6 you’ll see the best accessory for you! These watches in intense colors will freshen up your day. Green, dark-red, gold, black? Choose your favorite hue and make your days extravagant!

You already know that with cool jewelry comes cool lipstick too! Well, on page 12 you have the opportunity to choose among numerous colors to make your lips stunning: perfect nude, hot pink, violet pop, coral crush – opt for your favorite lip color!

Need the perfect home-manicure? Here’s what you can do! You can do it yourself with Avon’s nail enamels and Avon Pro Manicure Tool on page 18! Now you can finally have a professional manicure at your home. Your nails will be just perfect!

When you see an amazing sale of makeup brushes on page 22, you’ll be impressed, we guarantee! Eyeliner brush, crease brush, brush for brows, for lips – Avon has absolutely everything you need to make your face makeup breathtaking. Next time when you put your makeup on, you’ll enjoy for sure!

If you’re looking for skin tone correctors, then open the page 39 and see what Anew Clinical has to offer. Multi-tone Skin Corrector along with Dark Circle Corrector will solve your most persistent skin problems. Dark circles around eyes will be reduced and your skin flawless and youthful!

Fashion exists because people want to express an attitude. You can have a bag that carries your motto! On page 49 you can see Shopping Tote Bags with inspirational mantras! And for positive energy, you can opt for Energy String Bracelets. Avon is here to inspire you every single day, even if you’re just shopping or taking a casual walk…  

As you probably already know, Avon Foundation for Women fights against breast cancer, as well as domestic violence. If you buy marvelous Butterfly Link Watch on page 56 in Avon catalog 19 2016, you’ll support Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and help women who struggle with the disease. 

Ladies, stay beautiful with Avon best products and best prices! Refresh your style this fall with luxurious jewelry, and take care of your skin!