Avon catalog campaign 16 2022 view online


Avon welcomes you with cleansing brush for your skin on page 2! This brush will completely change your beauty cleansing routine! Apply a cleansing lotion to your face, and just let the brush do its job! Brush is strong but gentle at the same time, so it's perfectly suitable for sensitive skin too. It has ultrasoft bristles, it will remove any dead cells that can close the pores, so your skin can breathe and be beautiful!

On page 3 is a set for your morning beauty routine. It's very important that we take care of our skin from morning till evening, and while we sleep. Avon Clean Start Fresh set is here to make your morning routine even better. Illuminating Rich Cleansing Foam and Refining Daily Scrub are products that will help you in improving skin texture first time in the morning, and you can enjoy your beautiful skin all day long!

During the summer, our skin can become more dry than usual. The sun and hot air can dry it up completely, so we need some kind of therapy. Avon catalog campaign 16 2022 has that therapy for you on page 33! Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair set will give you confidence to show more skin during summer! The set includes body lotion, body wash, extra strength cream, lip treatment balm for a complete experience! Your entire body will be protected and perfectly hydrated! 

On page 73 choose the dress you like and have fun next time you go out! New sleeveless dresses follow the body line, and are ideal for summer days and nights. They will emphasize your arms, and you can style them with nice jewelry depending on the occasion. So ladies, it's your choice: Seashell Grommet Dress, or Ottoman Ponte Fit and Flare dress?

From page 84 you can pick your favorite products on big Avon sale! Accessories, pajamas, jewelry, nail enamels, quality kitchen utensils... it's all here for you at very low prices while the supplies last! Use the sale and save up to 50%!  

✅ How long does Avon catalog 16 2022 last?

Avon catalog 16 lasts from July 6th to July 19th, 2022

✅ How can I get Avon brochure 16 2022?

After registration you can order Avon brochures by mail. Moreover, you can view online version of Avon brochure 16 2022 on our website.

✅ What is the next campaign after Avon catalog campaign 16 2022?

Next campaign is Avon catalog 17 2022.