Avon catalog campaign 11 2024 view online


Probably the first fruit that comes to your mind when you think of freshness is lemon. And Avon knows how fresh and clean a lemon can be, so on page 5 take a look at new limited edition collection: Sweet Lemon Blossom and Basil! Shower gel, body lotion, and body spray will help you feel the energy during the whole day, so you can enjoy all your activities! 

On page 8 very exotic scent is here for you this summer: Pineapple chill! The scent of pineapple will bring you the freshness and a little bit of island enjoyment in a second! You'll get exfoliating scrub, cooling spray, and cooling lotion for your feet, and you'll never feel tired after a long walk!

Open the page 13, and fight your dry and flaky skin with Avon ultra hydration set! The set includes Skin Protectant Ointment that can bring you relief, body scrub for strong exfoliation, and body lotion for instant correction of skin appearance. Forget dry skin, Avon catalog campaign 11 2024 brings you powerful solution! 

For extra special skin care, on page 15 you will find Vitamin C Brightening Serum! Avon has exclusive patent technology for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy! It will glow, and the radiance will be visible on your face after only two weeks. The feeling of softness is guaranteed and your skin will love it! Try it, you won’t regret it!

From page 18, Anew Clinical presents you various quality creams for your skin! Whatever you want to solve, now it's possible with Anew Clinical. Starting with Tahitian Black Pearl, Avon has everything for your skin, and these products won't let you down! Fight wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin – Avon's there for you!

On page 31, Avon offers you makeup collection that will emphasize your natural glow! Stop focusing on heavy makeup, and place the accent on your beautiful features! Touch and Glow shimmer cream cubes that Avon has for you will give a subtle glow to your skin, and you don't need anything else to look fantastic this summer! Add a little glow and go! 

✅ How long does Avon catalog 11 2024 last?

Avon catalog 11 lasts from May 22nd to June 4th, 2024

✅ How can I get Avon brochure 11 2024?

After registration you can order Avon brochures by mail. Moreover, you can view online version of Avon brochure 11 2024 on our website.

✅ What is the next campaign after Avon catalog campaign 11 2024?

Next campaign is Avon catalog 12 2024.